Services - Laser Facet Coating

Why Choose Our Solution

K Lab has Ebeam evaporators with IAD and in-situ optical and thickness monitoring system for highly accurate, reliable and repeatable optical coating for different wavelength. Optical film characterization instruments such as Cary 500, FilmTek 4000A, Prometrix FT-650, Dektak are on hand for characterization.

We Provide

  • Quick turn around time
  • Low development cost
  • Potential transfer to high volume production

AR/HR Facet Coating

K Lab can provide standard and/or customer designed optical thin film coating service on wafer/substrate with good uniformity. K Lab provides facet coating service for opto-electronic products. Standard wavelengths include 635, 785, 808, 945, 980, 1330, 1420-1620, 1800-2800nm.



Wafer Scribe and Cleave

K Lab provides bar cleaving service before coating, and device chipping and pick and place service after coating. We also provide die singulation services.

Coating Uniformity

We are able to provide excellent coating uniformity on laser bars and also across larger wafers.

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